It’s a wrap: candy bar wrapper promotion

Here’s a candy bar wrapper I did with designer Julie Miller that’s kind of cool, right? This was a “golden ticket” idea we came up with — my son and I love reading Roald Dahl — so the brilliant British author is the inspiration behind this Willy Wonka-ish marketing promotion. Who knew? Now you do.

Best part: I asked for several samples for my portfolio, and thus got a rapidly-dwindling stash of dark chocolate bars (sans golden tickets, alas) that I could raid whenever I got peckish.

Candy Bar Wrap_vF

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LivableStreets Alliance: membership postcard

I’m an avid urban cyclist. I did a 10-mile round trip commute to a job yesterday in a skirt and 5-inch platform sandals (my client whipped out a ruler and measured them when he saw me come into the office). I’m on my bike pretty much every day: running errands, commuting to work, visiting friends…riding a bike is chock-full of endorphin-releasing goodness.

As a working mother, the moments I’m on my bike are often the only times I can squeeze in some precious fresh air and exercise. But, because I live in the Boston area (Brookline Village), the joy I feel when I’m on my bike is often punctuated by moments of sheer stress and fear, because riding around here can also be a total scare-fest.

Boston’s Mayor Menino has proclaimed: “The car is no longer king.” I want to be a part of changing the mentality here in Boston about how people get around town. I’m tired of the stress and hassle and expense of driving everywhere, especially when there are other, vastly healthier options.

More bikes, less cars. When you consider that over 80% of all car trips are 2 miles or less, Americans need to walk and bike more, and drive less–even one less trip a week would add up! This is the first of a 3-postcard series for a wonderful nonprofit organization called LivableStreets. Check them out: I’ll share the other ones once they go to press. [designer: Nina Garfinkle]

LivableStreets membership postcard final

LSA membership postcard pg2

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Client Conference website: Eagle Investment Systems

“Driving the Continuum” wasn’t my choice for a title. It doesn’t mean much to me (my reaction was: “the continuum of what?”) but: besides the title, I wrote the website copy for for Eagle’s upcoming client conference. You can visit the site (and even sign up for the conference if you want to) at:

2013 Eagle Client Conference

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5 fabulous blog posts, and a smattering of social media strategies

I’ve become the chief blogger (bloggista? blogger-in-chief?) for Plymouth Rock Assurance and Bunker Hill Insurance. I’ve managed to shift their editorial calendars and voice to talk about interesting topics that impact car and home insurance customers: how transportation policy shapes our economy and our quality of life; how LED lightbulbs can be sexy (not by throwing a red cloth over the lampshade–that’s a fire hazard, hon); and “Are you getting hosed? Washing Machine Hoses 101” (I can’t believe Legal let me keep that title!)

Check out the links below for some examples of some of my most recent corporate blog posts:

Creating a transportation plan for 21st Century Massachusetts
Plymouth Rock & Thinking Outside the Parking Spot
Seven things you can do every day to stay safe on the road
Building a better light bulb: the new technology for lighting your home
Are you getting hosed? (Washing Machine Hoses 101)

A few thoughts about social media for business…
As the direct voice of your business, blogging is a great way to build more informal relationships with your customers and establish yourself as an expert in your field. This is your chance to think outside of the cubicle, to be more creative than usual and not so boring and buttoned up (yes, sitting in a gray carpeted cube all week will do that to you). If an insurance company can do it, so can you.

A couple of things to remember:

1) Be consistent about your social media broadcasts: aim to blog at least two times a week and tweet 5 times a day at a minimum. And…

2) Don’t go overboard. Don’t bombard your audience with too many posts and tweets, and make sure your digital missives are spot-on. Your web audience has a finely honed B.S.-detector, so having original, interesting content is a must.

3) Don’t be haphazard about your social media planning. It’s not something random to pawn off on your intern to do, because they’re “young and they get this stuff.” Do it right: hire someone who gets all things social media and loves doing it, or don’t bother.

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infographics tell the story

You’re the type to stay on top of the latest trends. Right? I don’t need to tell you that infographics are red-hot right now. Ooo-eee, honey! No matter how grown up and sophisticated we get, people still like to look at pictures when they read something. Graphics help us process information faster, especially now that we’re bombarded with endless amounts of data and news.

Infographics help companies look on-trend as they present otherwise dry information in easy-to-digest nuggets—kinda like the chicken nuggets of news (only without the pink slime). Infographics are also a lot more fun to write (and read) than more traditional print pieces, like brochures. Here’s an infographic I did recently for Plymouth Rock about why insurance matters, and why consumers need to have it. Click on this PDF link to see a more readable version:

[Designer: Julie Miller]


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Plymouth Rock Assurance updates its image

Be there, or be square, baby: innovate, or die.

Plymouth Rock Assurance (a regional insurance company with $1 billion in premiums) is slowly updating its image, starting with how it communicates with its independent agents, who are the backbone of their business.

Based on the creative team’s input, this invitation is for an event at a much hipper venue (the ICA Boston) than their typical choice, a characterless hotel conference room. If you’re telling your people to be innovative, then walk the talk and host your event in the epicenter of Boston’s Waterfront Innovation District. Am I right?

The invite also uses humor–my favorite weapon–to get the message across about how insurance agents can be innovative, too (check out the timeline on the flip side of the invite).

For a better view of the invitation, please click on the link just above the first graphic. Cutting and pasting graphics into WordPress is a pain.

AQM Invite_final3

[Designer: Julie Miller]

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Eagle Investment Systems

Eagle Investment Systems specializes in IT solutions for the financial services industry. I re-wrote their website to make it less about Eagle, and more about why their clients and prospective customers would want to work with them.

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