Here’s a selection of some of my work in print/online.

For the Massachusetts Trial Court, I’ve written numerous Annual Reports

as well as online Articles:

and Speeches:

Here are a few things I created for financial services and insurance companies…

Fidelity Investments, several brochures on various investing topics for consumer audience:

Getting Married

Getting Started

Living in Retirement

 Turning 70.5

JP Morgan Invest, investment guides and other pieces for consumers

welcome kit cover letter

welcome kit brochure

IRA decision guide

research & tools brochure

State Street Global Advisors, direct mail campaigns for broker/dealer audience

MFS Investments, industry experts sales tools & direct marketing pieces to broker/dealers

Advisors set to play critical role as retirement landscape shifts

The right conversation: strategies for positioning yourself as a family financial advisor

Eagle Investment Systems, IT for financial services, capability and product brochures  (I also worked on their website)

Corporate Brochure

Performance Brochure

Data Management Brochure

Liberty Mutual Insurance, various pieces for businesses as well as agent/dealer audiences:

Workers Comp Coverages

Workers Comp Services

Commerical insurance overview “one pager”

Insurance for Hospitality

Insurance for Construction

Land Shale Play

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