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5 fabulous blog posts, and a smattering of social media strategies

I’ve become the chief blogger (bloggista? blogger-in-chief?) for Plymouth Rock Assurance and Bunker Hill Insurance. I’ve managed to shift their editorial calendars and voice to talk about interesting topics that impact car and home insurance customers: how transportation policy shapes our economy and our quality of life; how LED lightbulbs can be sexy (not by throwing a red cloth over the lampshade–that’s a fire hazard, hon); and “Are you getting hosed? Washing Machine Hoses 101” (I can’t believe Legal let me keep that title!)

Check out the links below for some examples of some of my most recent corporate blog posts:

Creating a transportation plan for 21st Century Massachusetts
Plymouth Rock & Thinking Outside the Parking Spot
Seven things you can do every day to stay safe on the road
Building a better light bulb: the new technology for lighting your home
Are you getting hosed? (Washing Machine Hoses 101)

A few thoughts about social media for business…
As the direct voice of your business, blogging is a great way to build more informal relationships with your customers and establish yourself as an expert in your field. This is your chance to think outside of the cubicle, to be more creative than usual and not so boring and buttoned up (yes, sitting in a gray carpeted cube all week will do that to you). If an insurance company can do it, so can you.

A couple of things to remember:

1) Be consistent about your social media broadcasts: aim to blog at least two times a week and tweet 5 times a day at a minimum. And…

2) Don’t go overboard. Don’t bombard your audience with too many posts and tweets, and make sure your digital missives are spot-on. Your web audience has a finely honed B.S.-detector, so having original, interesting content is a must.

3) Don’t be haphazard about your social media planning. It’s not something random to pawn off on your intern to do, because they’re “young and they get this stuff.” Do it right: hire someone who gets all things social media and loves doing it, or don’t bother.

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